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Unique Snowflake

Unique Snowflake

FREE Saturday slosh pipe fun.

Warm-up: 10 Dislocates, 10 Side Dislocates, 10 Hang Snatch High Pulls, 10 Hang Muscle Snatches, 5 OHS – first time with PVC, second time with barbell

Complex: 2 Push Press + 1 Split Jerk – build to heavy single

Jerk: Continue building to heavy jerk

Jerk Dip Squats: 2×6 – 110% of heavy jerk

Work – 2 RNFT:
30 Flutter Kicks
25 Diamond Push-ups
20 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25lbs)
15 Straight Leg KB Deadlifts (50/35lbs)

I know that I am always saying that you aren’t a unique snowflake.  But I lied to you.  I also lied to you about how your hair looked today.  You just didn’t have that je ne sais quoi.  But let me get back to your uniqueness – or lack thereof.

Your trustworthy coach puts a warm-up on the board each day that will prepare you for that day’s activities.  If we are doing something that requires a very upright torso (front squats and overhead squats to name two), you can bet we are foam rolling that thoracic spine and doing some type of wall squats to start prepping that movement pattern.  If we are doing something overhead, we may have you start activating those serratus muscles and stretching the lats and long head of the triceps.

But we do not cater to each and every person.  That is the beauty of large group training.  We take care of the broad strokes while giving you the knowledge and power to finesse the details.  You have closed shoulders because of your pectorals?  Well then you better be opening those tight ropes up with a lacrosse ball.  Elbows on fire from some poor positioning in pull-ups or push-ups?  Get the voodoo floss band and get to wrapping.

We all have our own personal problem pieces.  If I am going to be doing some hip extension movements (everything we do, practically), then I am getting in to the banded Samson stretch.  I know that my short hip flexors limit me in the Olympic lifts and generally give me poor posture.  So I take care of my business.  I try not to wait until I get injured.  But occasionally something traumatic happens and we get injured.  All that means is we have something else to add to our list of rehab/prehab/take care of our business.

Once we give you the knowledge to attack whatever problem you have, the onus is on you to then TAKE CARE OF YOUR BUSINESS.  Do not let a nagging knee problem hang around for weeks, months, years, and eventually you have a hole in your knee cap.  Do not allow your shoulder to continually be in a poor position so one day you need a shoulder replacement or repair of a rotator cuff.  Do the work.

Tonight’s Olympic lifting class was our largest yet with 9 people.  And all 9 of those people looked GOOD.  Gerken, your suspension continues. (But seriously, we miss you.)

About to read some Tolkien while in the couch stretch,
Coach G

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  1. Coach CBo May 4, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    I’m pretty sure the couch stretch was the favored pose of all “The Inklings” when they would discuss literature, correct?

  2. AG May 5, 2012 at 1:40 am

    Sorry I missed class again, Grant. I’ve spent the last two days taking a continuing education course through UT extension on deadlift head position. I think I’m now ready for 12.11.

  3. Braers May 6, 2012 at 2:58 am

    That G has a way with words.

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