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Urgency, the CF Open, and Alex Anderson Tools for the Open seminar

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Urgency, the CF Open, and Alex Anderson Tools for the Open seminar


The CrossFit Open is upon us once again. Later this month hundreds of thousands of athletes will be testing themselves with whatever Dave Castro and team have cooked up. Tests ranging from gymnastic to barbell, strength to endurance, and plenty of tough mental tasks will be tackled. This is a wonderful time of year for CF gyms and athletes.

One thing I noticed as the Open approaches each year is that athletes really start to cram before week one. All of a sudden a bunch of members have serious urgency about training and skill acquisition. It is as if they are realizing just now that the Open matters to them, and they want to do the best they can. This is a great realization! It is important to know and understand what your priorities are in life. But as with any test we cannot choose to have urgency in just the final few weeks leading up to it.

The path that you are on is a lifetime sort of path. Learning to move better is a journey fraught with many ups and downs, and slow, steady progress always wins the day. So let me echo that again now. The time to make big progress to improve our Open performances is not now. That time started immediately after last year’s Open and carried right through the spring, summer, and fall. At this point in the season the hay is in the barn. We have tilled, sown, harvested, baled, stacked, and whatever else it is you do with hay. But there are of course small efficiencies to be gained and tips to be gleaned.

And so that is what I want you to take away from this post. The majority of our (hard) work is done. Now is a time to fine-tune the system. Some of the simpler strategies you could implement in these final few weeks would be skill-based EMOMs, visualization training, breath work, and making sure the mind and body are in the best possible state of preparation for week one. A lot of these strategies and tools are items we give you guys every day in class. So trust that you are prepared. But as many of you witnessed in the jerk seminar last weekend, when we are given the opportunity to dedicate a solid couple of hours to dive deeper on a subject we all reap the benefits.

With that knowledge and Alex Anderson’s desire to impart some of his hard-won wisdom from years of training at an elite level, we created a dedicated Open seminar. The Alex Anderson Tools for the Open seminar was built with the purpose being to fill out an athlete’s toolbox for the five weeks of testing. To begin with we wanted to help the athlete begin to understand his or herself better. After figuring out what kind of athlete he or she might be and understanding his or her inherent strengths and weaknesses, we can then teach how to apply that knowledge to the weekly tests. This can help the athletes learn to create strategies and warm-ups specific to them and how best to set themselves up for success. Within the seminar we will have several breakout sessions with hands on coaching through gymnastic and barbell cycling EMOMs. At the end Alex will take the group through a full warm-up and then everyone will perform an old Open workout.

We hope that this seminar will demonstrate to the attendee just how deeply one has to think about this sort of stuff to be successful in the sport. Our desire is to have the attendee leaving the seminar with a clear plan on how to attack the week leading up to an Open workout, mindset training the night before and day of, warmup and workout strategies, and overall general Open preparedness.

This seminar was built for athletes of all levels and is open to anyone from anywhere. If you are interested in learning more about it please email us at

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