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I've got tiger blood!

Warm-up: Row (2 Minutes), 25 Push-Ups, 25 Pull-Ups, 200m Sprint, Hip Opener (25 seconds), 25 Sit-Ups, 200 Singles

Deadlift: Heavy Set of 5

MetCon – Not For Time:
400m Farmer’s Walk
10 Man-Makers
200m Farmer’s Walk
5 Man-Makers
(Choose a set of DB’s that are light enough to string together a few reps but not all 10)

It’s summer. Just in case you haven’t noticed that by the fact that schools are out and it’s been stupid hot lately. We know that summer means vacations and many of you will be absent for a week or two at some point. If you are a true-blue CrossFitter and work out on your vacas (or want to work out without stopping into a CrossFit box) then we have a massive compilation of bodyweight MetCons just for you. If you are interested in this list then write your email on the whiteboard at the gym or just give us a holla on the comments. From the exercise list you can mix and match your favorites or do them as is. They are just a starting point for you CrossFit freaks. But don’t only do workouts you like.

Lastly, vacation workouts are a perfect time to work the mobility side of functional fitness. I mean, who doesn’t wanna do the Hip Opener Stretch on the beach? We have been mobilizing a lot during this back off week so you all should have some good ideas of what to do. Also, pack a LAX, tennis, or golf ball to get a little rolling action. I know you people play lots of golf or tennis on vacation anyway, so it’s not a hassle.

Do you want the list?
<3 Coach Miss J

See ya tomorrow for the FREE class!

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