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CrossFit Ktown – CrossFit

A1): L-seated DB press (5 sets of 6 each arm, alternating)

A2): Standing BB Curl (5×6)

B1): GHD Hip Extensions (3×20 – weighted)

B2): Six Pack Back w/ DB (3×6 – light DBs)

C): Metcon (Time)


5RFT –

5 deadlifts (80%)

10 burpees over the barbell

*10 min cap

**Read last night’s blog post!

XTRA): Metcon (5 Rounds for time)

Row: 500m, rest 30 sec, 750m, rest 60 sec, 1k, rest 90 seconds, 750m, rest 60 seconds, 500m

All splits same: ~2k+10

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