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Week 3, Strength

Week 3, Strength

"Strenfph I need to proceed"

Warm-Up: 10 wide squats, 10 narrow squats x’s 2. Then Lacrosse ball work on hips and quads 2 min. work on each area. 1 min. work on each leg in hip opener and couch stretch

Squat: 5RM (90% of true 5RM)

MetCon – For Reps:

5 min Row for calories

Rest 1 min.

5 min 400m run (each 400m = 100 reps)

Rest 1 min.

5 min of Burpees

-Part 3 on the physical skills series! I know you couldn’t be more excited. Today we address a physical ability that I think we could all deduce the reasons why we work on improving our capacity.


Definition – The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply force.

-This definition alone can be quite vague compared to what the traditional idea of strength is. However, when we look at the definition provided and think logically it makes a heap of sense to think of it in these terms. Let’s talk through an example right quick:

If I have a 315lb bar on the floor and Johnny (or Joanna) weightlifter is attempting to pick it up via his/her Deadlift attempt, not only his/her muscular capacity is tested here. The ability to apply force (or the ability to efficiently apply it by picking it up properly) is paramount to the success of the lift.

-The ability to apply force is what the average person usually doesn’t take into consideration when defining strength. But if Johnny or Joanna doesn’t understand how to lift the weight properly enough to deadlift the weight to a lockout position, then they aren’t “strong” enough to lift it…when in fact, they might have the muscular capacity to do so. Implied in this definition of strength is the idea of practicing doing something efficiently. We Ktowners know that the coaches at our gym are only satisfied with a proper (meaning efficiently lifted, safe, and full range of motion) lift or gymnastic movement. Hopefully we understand better now why we are doing this.

-In order to address the rest of the definition and why we want to improve this ability, I will point to a previous post by myself at a previous date. Don’t be lame and not read it.

CBo’s earlier strength post

Go get strong,

Coach CBo

Great lock out overhead. A beautiful portrait of applying proper force.

Great elbows. We all know what happens if those elbows aren't high.

Miss J demonstrating to all of us how to outlift Johnny and Joanna

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