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Snatch: 1 single EMOM @ 80%

MetCon – For Time:
10 Rounds of Cindy w/ strict pull-ups and hand release push-ups
400m Row

Finisher: 3×10 oblique sit-ups superset w/ rotator cuff stretch


1) Beginning next week, Olympic lifting class will be moved to Wednesday evenings at 7:30PM while CrossFit Skinny is moving to Thursday’s spot.  The reasons are many, but the most serious is that the O-lifting class has depleted Thursday’s PR reservoir.

B) Labor Day, this coming Monday, the 3rd of September, a day that will live in vapidity, CrossFit Ktown will be hosting one class and one class only at 9AM.  Open gym will commence at 7:30AM for those of you interested in seeing the coaches lift in all their glory (we’re so fast under the bar).  My prescience is worth little, but I am guessing there is a Hero WOD in the works.

III) And because the word has leaked, I am going to make it quasi-official.  CrossFit Ktown will be hosting a competition on October 27th.  A lot of the details are still secret, and a many more are as complicated as Dodd-Frank, so be patient as we roll everything out.  What I can tell you now is that there will be four divisions: male and female Rx as well as male and female Rx-ish.  Mark your calendars because even if you don’t plan on competing we will need a lot of volunteers.

In liberty we trust,
Coach G

For five.

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  1. Ben August 30, 2012 at 11:43 am

    #1 and #3 YESSS!!!

  2. Fresh August 30, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    A. Stop copying my list numbering styles.

    2. Thanks for moving O-lifting to a night I can’t come.

    ™¢£. Go Vols!

  3. Samantha August 30, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Please note that our lovely (always black-clad) Brent is leaving us. Today is his last day. Who’s is up for a farewell something after the o-class?

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