Get em "Coach Diva!"

Warm-up: 2 Rounds – Strict Pull-ups (8/3), 15 Sit-ups, 10 DB Squat Cleans (35/20lbs), 10 Reverse Hypers

Mobility: Thoracic Spine and Shoulders

Double Unders: 5 Max Attemps (for board)

MetCon – I Am Lumberjack:
20 Minutes 1-arm KB work (50/35lbs)
Clean & Jerk
Turkish Get-Ups
(Once the clock starts you cannot set the KB down.  Rest with it in the hang, at shoulder level, or overhead.)

Finisher: Contract/Relax hamstrings with straight (or mostly straight) leg

I gotta say today was quite the interesting day. If you don’t know what I mean then just ask Coach Tay Tay. A few announcements for you all…

1) The White Elephant Christmas Spectacular Ktown Party is this Sunday at 6:00pm! Please come, we’re begging, and bring some food plus your white elephant gift. If you are unsure of this game then check the calendar details (to the right of your screen) it explains the whole game.

2) Our December hours are so…

CLOSED : Wednesday, December 23rd– Tuesday, December 28th.
December 29th (it’s a Wednesday) we are open with normally scheduled hours.
Friday, December 31st, we are open during the morning hours and for the noon class, but CLOSED for the evening classes. Go celebrate New Year’s!
Saturday January 1st, our free class is cancelled.
Once again, check the calendar (to the right) for closings.

3) Good luck to all students who are taking finals (CrossFit Ktown members and non-Ktowners). I remember those days!

4) Beginning January 3rd our 3:30pm class is back up and running. Our 4:30 class has become heavily populated so this is to hopefully spread some of you out and make for a better workout/ coaching atmosphere.

5) Enjoy the fantastic Faction Games competition video compilation by the one and only Adam, aka Phoenix, aka Baby Buff.

I’m all updated out,
<3 Coach Miss J