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What are your hips doing?

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What are your hips doing?

Don't just glaze over, READ!

Warm-up: 2 Rounds – 10 Air Squats, 20 KB Snatches (35/20lbs), 10 Goblet Squats, 10 Toes-2-Bar; Row 500m

Mobility: 2 min perfect squat on wall, 2 min lacrosse ball hip opener, 10 leg swings all directions

Squat: 12×2 @60% or > last dynamic squats

MetCon – For Effort:
10 Suicides with rest between efforts
Cones set at 0m, 5m, 10m, and 15m

Finisher: Stall bar hanging leg raises (20 adv/10 nov), 3×5 Bulgarian ring dips (adv)

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a picture with words and arrows pointing at stuff is like a bird in the hand (worth two in the bush).  Study the picture.  That position can relate to many things, but it best describes the catch position for a power clean or power snatch.  I saw this from a few of you last week when we did the power clean triplets.

It is very easy to let the hips slide forward in the catch position thinking you are getting lower to receive the bar.  While you are dropping a bit lower, you are doing so at the cost of balance, coordination, and most importantly spinal integrity.  But Coach, I am getting my hips fully open at the top of my pull, aren’t you proud of me?!  Err, I may be excited but not proud.

As soon as you reach that hip and knee extended position you must pull (with your arms, hips, and legs) yourself back under that bar.  A power clean/snatch doesn’t mean catch it standing fully upright – that would be a muscle clean/snatch.  The power position means anywhere above parallel all the way to just before fully upright.  So hit that full extension position and then quickly reverse direction while that barbell of great mass is travelling upward under your very own powerful volition.

Get those hips back in the catch.  It will go a long way in helping the squat variations of the O-lifts.  It will also help get that posterior chain activated.  You know the one I speak of; you’re sitting on it right now.  We are constantly trying to wake those hamstrings and glutes up.  Don’t keep them turned off when receiving big weight in the rack position or overhead.

It’s almost like we might be doing an O-lift tomorrow.  And it’s almost like it will be one of the power variations.  Crazy, iknorite?

Coach –hips back, hammies engaged, glutes on – G

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  1. Ben January 21, 2011 at 11:03 am

    WHAT!?! There is a discussion about hips and no picture of Shakira?!

    Great post G and great picture with words and arrows! The bad side of the pic is like looking into a mirror, especially when the weight gets heavy. One of my personal goals this year is to really shore up my technique on the O-Lifts, as well as the two on the goal board. Look forward to today’s workout!

    Ben “these hips don’t lie” Slocum

  2. Coach CBo January 21, 2011 at 11:58 am

    Great post, I’m excited about watching KTowners present a perfect replica of this diagram later on tonight!

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