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What’s Rx, Precious?

What’s Rx, Precious?

Joe and Ben throwing the feet in the air at Derrick Knob shelter on the AT.

Warm-up: 10 Leg Swings, 10 Arm Circles; 2 Rounds – 10 Deep Lunges, 10 V-ups, Hip Opener 30s each leg

Squat: 3×5

MetCon – For Reps:
Tabata Knees-2-Elbows
superset with
Tabata Walking Lunges

Going Rx is so freaking cool.  Everybody’s doing it!  Being able to tell your buddy you did the workout Rx is le git.  That’s French for the bee’s knees. Let me hit you with some knowledge.  Going Rx is not the point of CrossFit, especially at Ktown.

When the coaches sit down and program a 12 week cycle, we are looking to hit a variety of time domains with a variety of movements each week.  We program the short and heavy, the short midrange, long midrange, the long suckfest, and of course the “I see the white buffalo in the sky” length MetCon that you all love so much.  We also set it up to where you aren’t doing the same thing day after day.

Then you have to remember the strength work.  It rarely does you good to program heavy push presses the same day you just pressed a 5×5 (unless of course you are going to hide that poor programming under the veil of constantly varied).  It is seldom smart to put a 5RM or > deadlift at the beginning of the week because of the fatigue you will have for the rest of the week.

What I am saying is there are a bunch of important factors to be considered when programming for you Ktowners who are doing a bunch of days per week with a Saturday and/or Sunday off.   In order for our programming to be most effective, we need to scale down or up certain workouts.  When we program a MetCon, we have a certain time range we want to see people finishing.  If you come in and see a huge range of times from 3:00 minutes to 24:00 minutes, we have not done our job very well.

You all can help us out here.  For one, don’t just throw the Rx weight on the bar or grab the 2 pood kettlebell.  You would also do well to not argue/beg/cheat/steal to do the workout as prescribed.  It just gets uncomfortable for everyone (a lot like when Kirsten physically abuses Brandon with the 2.5 pood kettlebell for all to see).

But seriously, we want you to receive the correct stimulus for each workout.  Doing Fran Rx is awesome, but not if it takes you 25 minutes – unless of course CFHQ meant for Fran to be a 25 minute workout.  That brings me to another point about the ambiguity of the Girl Workouts that HQ has created.  It is a contentious point around these parts regarding what energy system they meant to tax.  We think we have deciphered it pretty well though.

So just like a middle school essay, let me bring this thing to a conclusion.  I just gave you but a small glimpse in to the world of programming.  It is a small gift much unlike the fabled Promethean gift of old. But with this newfound knowledge, be mindful of the workout at hand.  Always know that there is some higher thinking going on.  We don’t just put a bunch of work down on paper and say do this.  We have a goal for each MetCon.  And your goal should be to let the coaches best set you up to succeed according to our objective.

Coach G

P.S. – Almost time for a Ktown hike!  We were looking at early May, but we may push it to June so we can give you a little more heads up time.  Keep every weekend in June free is what I am saying…

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