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Why Fitness?

Why Fitness?

Coach G disseminating fitness.

Coach G disseminating fitness.


Today’s blog post is about taking a step back. It is very easy to get caught up in our day-to-day routine – picking up the kids from school, the TPS reports due at work, and even our workouts in the gym. In CrossFit, it is very easy to get obsessed over a single movement – the snatch, double unders, and muscle ups come quickly to mind – while losing sight of why we do this thing in the first place. This blog post is about those bigger reasons that we do what we do at CrossFit Ktown, and why our society as a whole just needs more fitness.

  1. Lowers Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs continue to rise and the demand for healthcare continues to increase. No matter what side of the government healthcare debate you support, the reality is that Americans have never been unhealthier. Obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, migraines, depression – exercise and fitness have been shown to reduce the risk of these and many other ailments. Spending time on your fitness now can save you a great deal of pain and expense in the future.

  1. Do What You Want (Within Reason)

What are those things that you always want to do but feel like you are not prepared to do? A Thanksgiving 5k, a mud run, hiking in the Smoky Mountains, a flag football league, or mountain biking? Everyone should possess a general level of fitness such that you can do any of these activities with minimal extra training. East Tennessee and the world offer so many worthwhile activities. Do NOT be limited by your basic fitness. (NOTE: more extreme events like a marathon, Spartan Race, etc. are always going to require extra work)

  1. Do What You Already Do, But Better

We all have those activities and things that make up our daily and weekly routines. Greater fitness makes us better at ALL of those things. You will be able to play with your children longer, be more focused and productive at work, and sleep more deeply.

  1. Look Better Naked

Let’s be honest, as much as we focus on performance, we all want to look our best. Fitness is the best way to achieve this end in a healthy manner. Extreme diets, cleanses, and other methods may help lose weight, but only exercise and fitness can make us look better and simultaneously stronger and healthier.

Coach Taylor

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