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Why you should do the Open, from someone who has spent the past few weeks dreading the Open… by Sara Haugli

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Why you should do the Open, from someone who has spent the past few weeks dreading the Open… by Sara Haugli

The eyes say it all...

The eyes say it all…


Why you should do the Open, from someone who has spent the past few weeks dreading the Open…

I’m the first person to tell everyone else in the gym to do the Open, but it wasn’t until just this past Friday that I finally told myself I would also be doing it. I’ll get back to that in a minute, but first let me reflect on my previous Open experiences. I started CrossFit when I lived in Buffalo after my boyfriend at the time said he wanted to go to Regionals with a team, but that they didn’t have enough girls to get there. I didn’t know what CrossFit really was, but I was pretty confident that I could “learn” and be on the team. Long story short- I did “learn” and we did qualify a team for Regionals. I hated the Open that year. It was super stressful for me and involved me doing workouts multiple times. I came down to Ktown and said to myself I wasn’t going to let the Open stress me out again. It did. I hated the Open last year as well. I’d look at the workout videos as soon as they were released and worry about it until the close of the workout. In the past few months, I probably have been dreading signing up for this years Open the most. I know I’m not being very convincing right now as to why you should sign up, but I’ve done a lot of self reflection lately and truly realized that it wasn’t the Open’s fault for me being stressed, it was my own.

I’m too competitive (thanks for making me realize that, Heather) and I’m entirely too hard on myself. I look at other people’s numbers and I get envious. Don’t get me wrong, I’m probably the happiest person in the gym when I see someone string together muscle ups or I see one of my lady friends back squat over 200 pounds, but I get jealous as I see their numbers pass mine. Wodify is amazing because we see all these great improvements of our friends at the gym, but there is also that voice in the back of my mind saying, “Sara, you used to be ahead of them, what happened?!” So, what changed Friday? Well, I was back squatting away, doing my thing, self deprecating with the thoughts of my low numbers, walking back and forth to Wodify, seeing how Katie King has been killing it as usual, and Cope says to me, “What happened to it being your journey? I think there was a blog post about it. Amirite, Michelle?” And it finally hit me- he is right; this is my journey. So, Cope and Michelle, thank you. I am not as strong or physically fit as I was during the last Open season, but that is okay. I took time off and can’t expect to be where I once was. This is my journey. I am back to working out consistently and I know that this year will serve as a good baseline for the improvements that I will make leading into the Open next year. Again, am I as fit as I was last year? No. But is my Ktown family going to judge me for it? No. It’s only working out, right?! One of the reasons I didn’t want to sign up was because I didn’t want someone seeing my score and saying, “Wow, she is not as good as she was last year.” or “Look who beat her this year!” Who are these people that would even say something like that? These people don’t exist! Those were MY own crazy thoughts. Now, on to the good part and for the record I wrote this all before Taylor sent out his email.

Why I’m doing the Open/ why you should:

1. The energy in the gym- everyone should be part of it! For those of you who haven’t experienced it, it is pretty amazing. It gets loud! People are there to push you, root for you, and help you achieve your best. Brian almost got his first muscle up this past Thursday. I know if a muscle up workout came up in the Open he would surely get it. The Open is magical in that way.

2. PRs post come back. Samantha has taught me that you can’t just look at your all time PRs. I once back squatted 225. Right now, 185 is my max back squat. Samantha looks forward to her post surgery PRs and I now look forward to my post ‘time off’ PRs. The Open makes you bring your A game. I’m ready to push myself more than I have in the past few weeks. The Open brings a level of intensity and accomplishment that is just not normally there during the rest of the year. I have seen so many people get their first pull ups, muscle ups, or double unders. You may not realize it, but all of those “smaller” accomplishments are inspiring. Seeing other people improve makes me want to improve- even if I can already do that particular movement. The Open really is for EVERY skill level.

3. The Ktown roster. It is nice to see just how many people from the gym sign up and how everyone supports one another. I think our community feel is at an all time high during Death Days and during the Open. Be part of it!

4. How often can you say you did the same workout as Rich Froning? It is a humbling experience because you see how unfathomable people like him and ALEX ANDERSON are. It definitely gives you an even greater appreciation for the best 

5. The Open tracks your progress from year to year. There is often a workout that is repeated, but even if there is not, the leaderboard holds your scores forever and you can always go back and test that particular workout.

6. There is literally 0 pressure on me to put up a top score. Sure, it’d be nice if I scored one time for CrossFit Ktown, but again, this is my journey. There are enough fantastic girls at the gym now who can put up scores much better than my own- and I am finally okay with that. I mean, have y’all seen how hard Theresa, Courtney, Lauren, Katie(s), Miranda, Shaina, etc. etc. have been working?! These ladies have been killing it!

7. We owe it to our gym to do the Open. Ktown coaches invest so much time and energy into each and every one of us. We really do owe it to them to do the Open. It shows them how far we have come, and where they should lead us next. This is their favorite time of the year and we should all be part of that.

8. While the c-team girls may not be down for trash talking, I’d love to smoke one of the guys in the BourbonBonanza. The mostly morning crew has a lot of bourbon on the line. Be sure to follow their journey on Instagram- it is quite hilarious ;)

9. The Open really is fun, and I am looking forward to actually letting myself have fun with it this year. Yes, if you don’t sign up you still do the Open workouts during class. I’ll tell you though, it is not the same. Signing up gives you that accountability. It makes you push that much harder. It is your CrossFit ticket to truly feeling a part of something much greater than yourself. Spend the $20. It is honestly a good experience for every skill level at our gym.

10. There really is no reason not to 

I’m looking forward to next week and crushing it with all of you 


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