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Why you should sign-up for the Jacked and Tan Classic

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Why you should sign-up for the Jacked and Tan Classic

Tongue in cheek.

Tongue in cheek.

Number 1: Celebrate all of your hard work!

  • Guys and gals, training day in and day out is exhausting work both physically and mentally, especially during summer of squats. Having a marker to test yourself by is a great way to stay motivated and reward yourself for all of your hard work. Setting goals is a huge part of that, but a good competition to push yourself and find your true capabilities is a fun way to accomplish said goal (not squatting after an 8 hour work day on a Friday).

Number 2: Make a new friend.

  • There are lots of people who are interested in competing but do not have a partner. Introduce yourself to someone new. We all know you have those people from other classes that you compare your scores against. Send them an email or Facebook message or, god forbid, call them on the phone. Tell them you want to hang out, then once they agree let them know you will be hanging out at Ktown all day doing workouts together.

Number 3: Low barrier to entry.

  • This competition is at our gym. Most of you already come on Saturdays anyway. We are going to use the same equipment you always use and are comfortable using. There are 3 divisions – Rx, Rx-ish, and Scaled, so everyone can compete. We design this competition to be a fun day to hangout and crush workouts with friends. There is no reason all of you cannot compete. Plus, there will be a food truck and beer!

Number 4: Represent Ktown!

  • We are all fortunate to be part of this awesome experiment that is CrossFit Ktown. We have awesome members with different backgrounds, and we come together every day to work out together. We push you, make you run the hill, make you squat multiple times a week, and constantly challenge you to perfect your technique. The coaches already know how impressive you are, let’s show the other area gyms how awesome you are!


Coach Taylor


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